a good confession: adult class

For online resources and audio files from Grace’s ongoing adult class, A Good Confession, click the button.

Sunday School & Teach Me To Worship Classes

The Fall Launch of our Sunday School and Teach Me To Worship classes starts on Sunday, September 8. Sunday School classes begin at 9:00 am, and Teach Me To Worship dismisses from the sanctuary during the morning service, which starts at 10:00 am.


9:00 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL classes

  • Nursery (age 0-3 yrs.)

  • Preschool (starting at age 4)

  • Lambs (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)

  • Lions (2nd - 4th Grade)

  • Shepherds (5th - 8th Grade)

  • Kings (High School)

  • Adults

Teach me to worship class

  • Children are dismissed from the Worship service just before the sermon.

  • Children are returned to the service prior to Communion.

Student Registration Form

Please register all children age 3 to 12th grade.

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