small group training on august 25 at 9:00 AM

Have you ever wondered what it is like to facilitate the discussion for a small group? If you’re currently a small group facilitator, are interested in helping facilitate, or just want to come and join the conversation please join us this Sunday morning, August 25th at 9 AM.

small groups start on september 8

We would love for you to be a part of a small group at Grace! Groups meet twice a month on either Sundays or Wednesdays. Submitting the form below will also add you to our Grace Small Groups email list. 

Sunday Small Groups

Meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

Greyfriars   |  4:30 pm sundays

Named for Greyfriars Kirk, where Scotland’s National Covenant was signed in 1638.

Westminster  |  4:00 pm sundays

Named for Westminster Abbey, where our confession of faith was drafted in 1643-48.

Wednesday Small Groups

Meet the Wednesday following the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

St. Andrews  |  6:00 pm wednesdays

Named for St. Andrew’s Cathedral, where the Scottish Reformation began.

Emmanuel  |  6:15 pm wednesdays

Named for Emmanuel College, Cambridge, training ground of the Puritans.


What is the goal of a Small Group?  

At Grace we have three longings, for more grace, more depth, and more community. You will find all three in your Small Group, but the focus is on community. The goal is to connect with other people in the Grace community, get to know one another better, and find encouragement in our efforts to follow Christ.  

How is each Small Group organized? 

Each group has a Host and a Guide. The group will meet in the host’s home, and the guide will facilitate the activity. 

What do we do at our Small Group meet-up?

Your group will follow a loose structure that includes plenty of social time, some prayer, and a conversation about Sunday’s sermon.  

How can I make the most of my Small Group commitment?  

Three things: show up on time, participate, and focus on others. In an age where most of us find ourselves spread too thin and getting more of our social interaction online, we can’t overemphasize the importance of physical presence. Being present is half the battle these days. Participation doesn’t mean you have to talk a lot or open up about your deepest secrets. We all have different comfort levels when it comes to building relationships. Participation means being there not just physically but also mentally and (most important) spiritually. And you always benefit most when your focus is not on having your say, but on listening to and understanding others.  

Are my children welcome to attend my Small Group? 

Definitely. We encourage young people to participate as they are able. Your group may organize special activities for children, too. Within our loose structure there is a lot of freedom for each group to experiment with the best way to welcome children.  

Will we always meet at the host’s home? 

Usually, but not always. Pastor Mark and his wife Laurie will host each group at their home from time to time, and groups may move around as schedules demand.  

What if I can’t make it to every Small Group meet-up?  

We encourage you to attend every time your Small Group meets, even if it means re-arranging your schedule. Having said that, we know it’s not always possible. Do your best to be present. When you cannot make it, try to let your group host know in advance.  

If I’m already part of a Small Group, can I switch to a different one?  

Of course. If a different group fits your schedule better or meets in a location that is easier for you to reach, you are free to switch. We encourage you, however, not to float around, but to sink roots in a particular group. The goal of deeper community takes commitment and time. 

If I’m not part of a Small Group, how do I join one?  

You can check the list of groups on the Grace website and simply show up at the one that fits your schedule best. If you want a recommendation, ask Pastor Mark. Once you’ve decided to commit to a group, let your guide know. That way you can be sure to stay in the loop on group communication. 

What happens if a Small Group gets … big?  

There is no set size for Small Groups, but as the name implies, they will ideally be on the small side. As your group grows, your host and guide will keep an eye out for potential hosts and guides for the future. When a group gets too large, we will encourage them to help get a new Small Group going. This would be something your group itself would organize, rather than a top-down decree, and the timing will depend on what feels too large to the group.

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