How do we live as exiles who long for more? The answer is what theologians call sanctification, a work of the Spirit in the believer's heart. Think of it as growing in grace. The process is as simple as seeking, finding, and sharing. 



What brings us together is our common thirst.

Grace welcomes people who are thirsty. It gives us space to ask questions and wrestle with the answers. If God is all-powerful and his claims are true, then he can stand up to a little scrutiny.


We want to be more than seekers at Grace. We actually want to find what we’re looking for.

Worship is at the center of our community life, an experience of word and sacrament that opens up the grace and depth of God’s love. Here people thirsty for grace, depth, and community begin to discover it. 


When people find what they’re looking for, it’s natural to share it with others who want the same thing.

Grace DNA helps us recognize both our own needs and the needs of others, and makes it easy to introduce our friends to grace.